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That wraps up the new stuff!

2010-12-24 02:09:41 by Bluepulse

Pretty excited to finally have all the new content on NG. You guys have really helped me in continuing making music. Because of that, I want to thank you guys. can go fuck yourself.
Everyone else, you're cool :)

I'll continue putting up some new stuff as the days progress. I'm definitely making new stuff, I can tell you that already!

So, just keep posted, rate, comment, do what you do best, Newgroundians :D

I'll be sitting in my studio staring at some new synths and thinking why the hell I even started making music.

Right, off I go!


P.S. Buzzy's definitely staying for the transformation. Just sayin' - I'm pretty proud of my son (err...daughter).

That wraps up the new stuff!

I suck...

2010-12-22 02:09:30 by Bluepulse

It's tuesday and there wasn't anything new. I'm pretty sure whoever's still out there's really aggravated.

I'M SORRY!!! I've written to add new songs on NG on at least 5 different boards throughout my house. I will not fail you amazing people!!

There's not much in Trial Runs (only 9 songs in the album!), but I'll make sure to upload the 128kbps promos on this website, linked and ready to go from anywhere...

2011's gonna be a highlight year for BP. I'm really looking forward to the progression :)


I suck...

I'm not being lazy...

2010-12-15 18:28:28 by Bluepulse

...just REALLY undependable right now. IM SORRY!

I have finals all this week, so my attention's completely diverted towards getting good I can pass. Wouldn't anyone do that anyway?

I'll post the rest on Monday (which is also when I get back in the studio).

Happy Holidays :)
- Mac

Just finished uploading all of Black White! Hope you guys enjoy it :)

As for Trial Runs, I upload the first pair of songs (7 AM, Godfather) first thing tomorrow (Friday). So, I hope you're looking forward to it. It's a true summer album, and by then, I hope to have some inspired directors make music vids for them.

Well, that's what I said about Th3 C0d3...and that hasn't budged since the summer of '09? :/

In the meantime, enjoy the art =D

- Mac

Pump it...LOUDER - Pump it...LOUDER!!!

NG Heard My Prayers!!!

2010-12-03 20:40:08 by Bluepulse

Thanks NG! Uh...not that it's too late to apologize
...but I think I'll resume 128 kbps uploads...just to respect the promo rule.

Good news though! That means I should be able to upload the Ubermixes! Yeah...something I couldn't do before with the 8MB cap. Thanks again, Newgrounds!

(Pic below: Exactly what I'm talking about)

- Mac

NG Heard My Prayers!!!

Good News!

2010-11-18 15:01:05 by Bluepulse

EDIT: I've been so pressed for time over holiday week (relatives, parties...rather waste of time etc.) that I can't upload anything. I promise next week everything will go according to plan.

As my home has always been here, I honor that...


:) I love you guys so much that I'm gonna do that just for you.

You're welcome, and please put up with my mess as I establish the new name/content.

I <3 My NG Fans,
- Mac

*Also, future use of eurostile font FTW.

Good News!

Dear Fans,

As this may come as complete shock, I (along with Sev) are dropping Bluepulse. I fought this idea for a long period of time, starting even as far as Green. I felt too attached to this name, and never thought it would come to this. I apologize if I'm making anyone's hopes or excitement about Bluepulse diminish forever; I understand completely. As for myself, I can only look forward to the new name that will live on the 5-year legacy built up single-handedly by Bluepulse. Bluepulse will not be overshadowed, but rather be left back as a strong plaque of accomplishments that I will forever look after, like a son.

This kid's really starting to grow up on me.

Bluepulse (Mac E. & Sev. C)


Terms for Resigning Bluepulse

1. "Bluepulse" was an experimental name to release music back in 2005 (but nothing was released under it until late 2006). It was meant originally to serve as a temporary name, but became widely accepted as a band name.

2. As a temporary name, the band's release name limits a lot of creative potential, not conveying the creative perspective fully.

3. As the band name "Bluepulse" is being dropped, it will replace The "KönigPollo" label (only seen under the release of "Yellow") and revert back to "Bluepulse Records".

Trial Runs will be the LAST release by Bluepulse

I've not abandoned hope...

2010-09-27 09:38:31 by Bluepulse

Yeah, I'm still here.

Sadly, I'm still working on new material for Trial Runs (now a full album) and most of my work's going to be bigger than the file limit here on NG. I'll try to suffice as much space as possible.

Until then, I haz pic of NDK!


I've not abandoned hope...

Thriving for change!

2010-08-11 00:12:41 by Bluepulse

Dear Newgrounds (the ACTUAL website)

For a while, I've had difficulties getting just the RIGHT format of .mp3 to successfully upload content onto your site. Not only that, but after I do upload something, the sound quality's utter crap, and your flash player's becoming laggy. I don't mean to complain. in fact, I've always liked how family-like the community at newgrounds is. You know, there's the ignorant sister who seems to spam everything, the cool uncle (coughepicacecough), a distant relative you wish you'd talk to more (probably BK) and your closest idols, who have found homes even farther away from here.

Bottom line is that I really do enjoy Newgrounds, but hear me out; we need change! Perhaps as a starting point, maybe a less unforgiving uploader? I may be the only one for this, but it seems whatever I try, I always have to do something else with the encoding of my mp3's.

I feel like I've said too much, but please Newgrounds, work with me!

- Mac and the whole team at BP

P.S. Trial Runs - EP is nearing completion! Expect free downloads on SoundCloud, day of release!

Also, the photo below is me (Mac) performing at the "Farewell, Class of 2010" party at school. Yeah, back then, I was looking forward to 2 1/2 months of break. Now, I only have 9 days left :/

Thriving for change!

Happy Robot Day 2010!

2010-07-11 00:40:11 by Bluepulse

So, good news! Started working on the new EP labeled "Trial Runs". It's a prep album for BLUE, and gives me a LOT of practice room to finalize everything for the new official album. Included will be the final version of "Larry The Scammer", recent project "Trekker" and even some new, never released stuff. It'll be a FREE download when it's finished, so get ready for some awesome songs!

Stay tuned!

P.S. below's the temporary cover!

Happy Robot Day 2010!