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Thriving for change!

2010-08-11 00:12:41 by Bluepulse

Dear Newgrounds (the ACTUAL website)

For a while, I've had difficulties getting just the RIGHT format of .mp3 to successfully upload content onto your site. Not only that, but after I do upload something, the sound quality's utter crap, and your flash player's becoming laggy. I don't mean to complain. in fact, I've always liked how family-like the community at newgrounds is. You know, there's the ignorant sister who seems to spam everything, the cool uncle (coughepicacecough), a distant relative you wish you'd talk to more (probably BK) and your closest idols, who have found homes even farther away from here.

Bottom line is that I really do enjoy Newgrounds, but hear me out; we need change! Perhaps as a starting point, maybe a less unforgiving uploader? I may be the only one for this, but it seems whatever I try, I always have to do something else with the encoding of my mp3's.

I feel like I've said too much, but please Newgrounds, work with me!

- Mac and the whole team at BP

P.S. Trial Runs - EP is nearing completion! Expect free downloads on SoundCloud, day of release!

Also, the photo below is me (Mac) performing at the "Farewell, Class of 2010" party at school. Yeah, back then, I was looking forward to 2 1/2 months of break. Now, I only have 9 days left :/

Thriving for change!


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2010-08-30 22:50:23

Your a pimpin crazy DJ