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Feeling A LOT Better!

2010-07-04 01:22:59 by Bluepulse

So, after my rant...I felt like I was leaving out a very special selection of people; our true fans!!! I'm sorry if I came around as harsh, it just seemed like not much was in my favor to start out with. Here's some good news, though!

- VIdeo updates shouldn't be every other week: WHY?
I figured that video updates were rather taken as a chore by me, mainly because I'm not good at doing them. Plus, I feel as if it were a narcissistic thing to do, seeing my face on YouTube every other week. That may just be me, but don't fear! Many projects, such as a long, overdue video from our photographer will make it on to the channel, as well as innovative ideas and video coverage from our events. Effective, and much better than seeing myself talking about every other week in progress.

- BLUE is a new color
Well, that's unless early dwellers remember "BlueVision", my dreadful first 'official' album full of piano-trance ambient...crap (no joke, though; Metropolis was an awesome song). So what now? A new 128 BPM-standard album is due out, just...not for a while. Just like YELLOW, GREEN, hell, even RED, these albums take a lot of time. Thankfully, I'm not part of a corporation that has (strict) deadlines...unless he's my producer, and he's even fairly lenient on deadlines.

-So what about the transparency of this album, much in contrast to BLACK WHITE?
I'll be uploading drafts and promos (just like with all of my previous work) onto Newgrounds, and allowing dear fans to buy and (HOPEFULLY) download final copies. The wonder about this is that fans will keep up with my work a lot more than they did with BLACK WHITE. I figured after BLACK WHITE's 'success', that people want the album MORE when they actually hear what's on it. Another reason why I cannot truly wait to ground-break on this album.

Anything else?

Well...yeah. Happy July Fourth! Boycott the brits (although they ARE a big portion of my fanbase, I apologize to thee) and drink in careful variations!

Also, I've made a mock-up of what it would look like to perform at global (someday /sigh). I'm attending! So, look for the jewfro'd kid getting it on with the chicks (and by getting it on, I mean watching stalkishly from a distance).

I'm kidding. I hope.

Until later, Best of Wishes,

Feeling A LOT Better!

Such Supportive Fans...

2010-06-28 18:21:25 by Bluepulse

Well, this is what I have update-wise:

Currently, I submitted "Larry The Scammer (Third Edit)" to Ableton's Sumer Music Challenge, and as part of their rules, they will only review the 25 entries with the most listens. Typing this, I only see 214, and the entries are starting to add up. What true fans of BP can do right now is go RIGHT HERE and listen (and download if you'd like) to Larry The Scammer. Hell, just press play and stop a second later, I don't really care.

Our last concert was fantastic. Power was shut off by a cop on a bike, an outstanding 12 out of 50 people showed up, and relocation only brought more stress. True fans of Bluepulse, I salute to you. Other "fans" can only dream of what the future holds for them. Special thanks to the City of Westminster Police Department. You REALLY made things easier on us. /s

Also, Black White only has had ONE official sale.
So, because so much was put into Black White, and nobody was/is buying, I feel much less obligated to produce new material. Plus, that greedy sonofabitch who rates my submissions down is getting seriously irritating. Overall, this is just not ending up good. If you'd like a copy of Black White (for only 10 bucks), please, feel free to contact me.

Notice the face at the bottom of the page.
That's me, Mac East, with the "I'm-16-and-I-look-as-if-I-care-at-the -moment" face.


Such Supportive Fans...

Yeah, it's amazing.

2010-06-03 16:28:09 by Bluepulse

I'm very happy to say that, at the release concert, many MANY people showed up to support Bluepulse and the new album. Even though it was raining very hard, even hail at some times, you guys made the whole concert worth having. I'll be making sure to make plenty of albums for the people that want them, which itself includes the infamous "D.A.N.C.E. vs. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" mix. If you want a copy, please IM me and I'll be more than happy to set up a delivery date.

Other than that, one album's over, and that means that I can finally take a break. I think I'll get to looking for a job, maybe so I can pay for new stuff? Maybe...


P.S. Pic related; It's my child.

Yeah, it's amazing.

I can't reveal much about the upcoming album, other than this will be the second track. Mix is still going on heavy, and BLACK WHITE's almost done with mastering, so expect a great album then. In the mean time, enjoy this.


Picture done by R.W.

Pre-release Copy of Flat Beat (Bluepulse Remix)

..did I mention BLACK WHITE's release date?

2010-05-04 15:21:54 by Bluepulse

Definitely past the half-way point!

BLACK WHITE is going to be an amazing album. To wrap up any FAQ's that are floating around, yes, there wil be more than 13 tracks. Essentially, it's going to be a gapless live mix recorded for about 1 hour and so-and-so minutes. Everything wil be in there, including the other so-many songs that aren't on Newgrounds yet, mainly to make people anticipate the release. Believe me, you WILL want a physical copy of this. I'm having my super-awesome team of visual artists work on the final cover art and my producer's doing work on the credit back-panel. During all of that, yours truly is mastering all the tracks through some very nice (trial) software. Of course, I'm finalizing mixes, as well.

Wanna know what's on the cue list? Here's a hint: Quad City DJ's, Feist, Justice, U2, Benassi, JUST to name a few. Expect some original remixes of pop hits (coughkatyperrycough), as well.

Lovely enough, completion week of the album falls during finals, so you're going to be seeing...well, nothing. UNTIL MAY 31! <<< that's what you were looking for, by the way.

IMPORTANT: If you live in or around the Denver/Arvada/Westminster area in Colorado, please PM me ASAP! Lucky people that live in colorado or nearby will have an opportunity to see us LIVE AND get a copy of BLACK WHITE for 10 bucks admission! The team at Bluepulse is playing the opening of a new amphitheater!

Anyways, I'm leaving you guys with album art from my side projekt, 7 AM! It's the first BP original to come out of Ableton Live 8! =D

I'll update you guys when release date comes!

..did I mention BLACK WHITE's release date?

Although I still have to raise sufficient money to keep from reinstalling Ableton Live 8 every 30 days, I've made the transition from my software of choice for the last 4 years to something that is industry standard (and I'm swearing by it, bit by bit).

Granted, it'll still take me time to familiarize myself with the layout/workstation atmosphere, I'm really digging the effects and (mainly) the new compressor/sidechain. So yeah, expect some early work of BLUE soon, along with stuff from BLACK WHITE, including the ALL NEWSpace Jam vs. Aerodynamic mash up (which is ten times better than anything you've heard yet).

Be prepared.

Garageband to Albeton Complete!

New Mix is Finally Up!

2010-03-25 19:39:10 by Bluepulse

Thanks to O'Shea for this one. He tossed the idea up in the air and I mixed it! Sounds good, so check it out here.

Also, enjoy some two minute photoshop work I put together at the last minute to commemorate this.


New Mix is Finally Up!

Figured I'd get to it...

2010-03-08 10:10:30 by Bluepulse


Troll, you are a heartless bastard who needs a life. Badly.

Today's too much of a beautiful day to be ruined by a douchebag.

Figured I'd get to it...

And now...

2010-03-04 23:21:11 by Bluepulse

A special word for our visiting troll, rating us with low, low ratings...

And now...

Black White

2010-02-27 18:55:59 by Bluepulse

(Not Black & White)

While I really can't say much about the new "BLACK WHITE" album, I can say that there's going to be some bloody good mixes on it. It's not very much of an original album as much as a promo. It will feature remixes of various songs I have collected in my years of being a DJ, so overall, it's going to be very interesting.

Speaking of 'interesting', I now have updates streaming every Saturday through the official Bluepulse YouTube page here.

Also, please, if you have a Facebook page, please join the official Bluepulse Facebook page also here.

I guess while I work on some more stuff, I'll leave you with some more pics from the Bluepulse vault. Seen here is the second-finalist entry for the "BlueVision" album, released back in 2007, back when....err nevermind. Anyways, enjoy! I'll keep you posted, as usual, and don't forget to join both pages!


Black White