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Trial Runs will be the LAST release by Bluepulse

2010-11-01 00:08:16 by Bluepulse

Dear Fans,

As this may come as complete shock, I (along with Sev) are dropping Bluepulse. I fought this idea for a long period of time, starting even as far as Green. I felt too attached to this name, and never thought it would come to this. I apologize if I'm making anyone's hopes or excitement about Bluepulse diminish forever; I understand completely. As for myself, I can only look forward to the new name that will live on the 5-year legacy built up single-handedly by Bluepulse. Bluepulse will not be overshadowed, but rather be left back as a strong plaque of accomplishments that I will forever look after, like a son.

This kid's really starting to grow up on me.

Bluepulse (Mac E. & Sev. C)


Terms for Resigning Bluepulse

1. "Bluepulse" was an experimental name to release music back in 2005 (but nothing was released under it until late 2006). It was meant originally to serve as a temporary name, but became widely accepted as a band name.

2. As a temporary name, the band's release name limits a lot of creative potential, not conveying the creative perspective fully.

3. As the band name "Bluepulse" is being dropped, it will replace The "KönigPollo" label (only seen under the release of "Yellow") and revert back to "Bluepulse Records".

Trial Runs will be the LAST release by Bluepulse


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