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Entry #34

That wraps up the new stuff!

2010-12-24 02:09:41 by Bluepulse

Pretty excited to finally have all the new content on NG. You guys have really helped me in continuing making music. Because of that, I want to thank you guys. can go fuck yourself.
Everyone else, you're cool :)

I'll continue putting up some new stuff as the days progress. I'm definitely making new stuff, I can tell you that already!

So, just keep posted, rate, comment, do what you do best, Newgroundians :D

I'll be sitting in my studio staring at some new synths and thinking why the hell I even started making music.

Right, off I go!


P.S. Buzzy's definitely staying for the transformation. Just sayin' - I'm pretty proud of my son (err...daughter).

That wraps up the new stuff!


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2010-12-24 21:17:28

Merry Christmas!

Bluepulse responds:

Thank you! Merry Christmas to you too :) [sorry for the late reply!]