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I suck...

2010-12-22 02:09:30 by Bluepulse

It's tuesday and there wasn't anything new. I'm pretty sure whoever's still out there's really aggravated.

I'M SORRY!!! I've written to add new songs on NG on at least 5 different boards throughout my house. I will not fail you amazing people!!

There's not much in Trial Runs (only 9 songs in the album!), but I'll make sure to upload the 128kbps promos on this website, linked and ready to go from anywhere...

2011's gonna be a highlight year for BP. I'm really looking forward to the progression :)


I suck...


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2010-12-22 04:02:31

You and me both, man! Let's fuck 2011 a new face with our own creative output! :D


2010-12-24 22:47:51

Merry Christmas!